In celebration of Asia Week 2012, Kang Collection is pleased to present “Divine beauty: Buddhist Art of Korea,” which will feature Buddhist and other religious artworks from Joseon Dynasty (1391-1910). The highlights of the exhibition include ‘the Heavenly Dragon General with Attendants (shinjungdo),’ ‘Dragon Amidst Clouds’ and ‘The Portrait of Okhwangsangje,’ all of which newly acquired by Kang Collection. 

The Heavenly Dragon General, the central figure in the dragon robe, is one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, each of whom lived on one side of Mount Sumeru, the tip of the mountain being Indra’s home. A protective deity thought to suppress demons and evil influences and preserve peace, the Heavenly Dragon General is a fixture in Korean Buddhist painting, appearing in many temple murals and paintings. 

In conjunction with this exhibition, video works by renowned Korean Contemporary media artist, Lee Lee Nam (b.1969) will be on view at Kang Collection.  Using cutting-edge media technology, Lee daringly transforms and re-defines the masterpieces of the past such as that of Jeong Sun (1676-1759, Korea) or Van Gogh, giving them another new meaning and dimensionality. His LED monitors which were metamorphosed to master’s canvas travel back and forth between East and West, History and Present, and Reality and Imagination.